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Oregon Sunstone Gems

Oregon Sunstone Gems

Oregon Sunstones as of 2017 are rising in popularity and price, but establishing a pricing gudie never an easy cut an easy undertaking. Why? Actually there has never been a one fits all price guide for any colored gem, because their colors vary so much, so the old 4 C's applying to Diamonds doesn't really fit. We will however like to provide our perspective, and hope that it helps when buyers are debating a Sunstone purchase. Lets start by dealing with whats available from Oregon.

1. Yellow Oregon Sunstones: These make up about 85% of Sunstones in the Oregon fields. When bright, well cut, and basically free of inclusions $10-$30 dollars per carat is fair. For a big collector gem over 10 carats $50.00 per carat would not be too much to ask, because good clean Oregon Sunstones over 10 Carats of any color are not easy to find anymore.

2. Colored Sunstones: These constitute about 15% of all Oregon Sunstones, and they really vary in color. One might find a yellow Sunstone with a hue of light to medium Orange touching the culet (tip of the stone). and it flashes up color in what would have otherwise been yellow. These stones are beautiful. It is like the first early glow of a sunrise. We love them. Then the colors really get blended. These can be more intense orange, or some red hues, and now an then a touch of green. These are not a soft pastel sunrise color. They get really intense in color. We do want to make a pretty bold statement at this point. If we were to see a top color of Ruby Red with no other color present, or an Emerald Green with no other color present we would immediately suspect that the stone had been aritificially diffused with additional copper to enhance it's look. Having said that there are very intense colors with that are 100% Natural. . In 1-5 Carat Stones of these great colors we view $150.00 to be a minimum er carat price. 5-9 carat could go for $200.00 and anything above 10 Carat we would consider a Collector stone and the price could be off the charts. We have heard of stones bringing $1,200.00 per carat. On good colored Sunstones we would consider anything under $100.00 per carat to be wholesale, and generally in smaller sizes such as 3 carats or less.

3.Schillered Sunstones: Here is where pricing gets really tricky and complicated. Schiller and Copper Bearing Platelets are actually the same thing, and all Natural Oregon Sunstones of every color have Copper Platelets. If they don't then they are not from Oregon, so we will try and keep it simple. If the presence of the Copper is not distracting to the Clarity and Brilliance of the Stone then the price doesn't change. If however the Schiller were so clustered that it dulls the stone then in a large size we would recommend the stone be used for an exotic sunstone carving, or if it is small then possibly for a faceted Rondelle bead for a Necklace. We say this with one exception. There are people who want a visible presence of Schiller for them to document that the stone is from Oregon, so for every rule there is an exception, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We have stones with varying degrees of schiller, but do keep in mind that some amount of Schiller is for sure in all Oregon Sunstones, because it is the natural producer of their color.

4.Our Website: We try very hard to post Oregon Sunstones where the brilliance and clarity of the Sunstone is eye clean to essentiall flawless. We only post our best stones in various colors, shapes, sizes, and prices. ANNOUNCEMENT: For 2017 we have about 150 Carats of absolutely stunning Sunstones that are almost all AAA quality. We have not posted them yet, but we will. They will average around 4.50 carats each with top quality color and superb Clarity. Please contact us if you are interested in a top quality Oregon Sunstone.

Jim Stewart