About us

I was born in Wyoming and graduated from high school in Billings, Montana. Later I went to college in Eugene, Oregon, and graduate school in Enid, Oklahoma. It was during my time in Oregon that I became highly interested in gems and minerals. In 1987 back in Montana I started faceting Montana Sapphires and other gems as well. In 1993 my wife and I went full time into the gem business. We toured primarily the West Coast doing weekend gem shows, and I traveled extensively overseas exploring gem centers like Brazil, Asia, and Sri-Lanika. Our business flourished for over 10 years, but we were looking for a place to establish a permanent home and settled on Owasso, Oklahoma which is just outside of Tulsa.

We had previously estblished a working Website in 1998, which later evolved into what it is today through many upgrades and other positive changes that took into account reflecting our contempt for the massive amounts of heat treated, diffused, coated, and other devious methods of gem manipulation. We have no patience for deception. In other words we wanted a 100% Natural, unenhanced gem or mineral that preferably was mined in the USA. That was when the Oregon Sunstone became a major part of our business. We could go to sleep at night because we knew we had re-discovered a stunning gem that previously had flown just barely under our radar. We wanted to be able to totally assure people of what they were buying with no exceptions, and the Oregon Sunstone and Opal is the perfect answer.

6 years ago we began making late spring or early summer trips to the Oregon Sunstone fields, which are remote, rugged, and challenging and that is putting it mildly. We spent many hot, wet, or windy days digging, jack hammering, or simply shoveling at various dig sites. We also made purchases from local claim or mine owners, and became well acquainted with most of those hard working people. We were able to accumulate a big collection of Oregon Sunstones, some nice Opals, and changed our Website name to focus solely on what we primarily sell, and it has really worked well. Recently, we added Wyoming Agates, Fairburn Agates of South Dakota, and a few Montana Sapphires to our Website. Our front page logo indicates that we disclose, document and Certify all of our products. Our products are 100% Natural and have not been subjected to any enhancement.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Box 1834, Owasso, Ok 74055 or even better send us an E-Mail. We will respond immediately.

Jim Stewart
Email: sales@oregonsunstonegem.com