Oregon Sunstone 3.20 Carat Gem - Sold

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Item: Oregon Sunstone
Size: 10 X 8 X 5 mm
Weight: 3.20 Carat
Color: Gorgeous Rich Orange Red
Clarity: Eye Clean
Cut: Octagon
Source: Eastern Oregon USA
Treatment: Absolutely None 100% Natural


This is a really nice 10X8 mm Calibrated Sunstone, which means that it will fit into any pre-made gold or silver setting with no custom work required. That can be a big money saver. The stone itself is beautiful. It is nicely faceted, and contains that Natural Bearing Copper which only the Oregon Sunstones contain, unless Diffusion treaters have manipulated the stone by forcing copper inside of the gem. We deal only in 100% Natural stones where nothing has been done to enhancement them. It is the New Year 2015, and this is our second listing, and it is good one. This is an Oregon Sunstone that definitely will not disappoint and our price is really good considering that the price of Oregon Sunstones have doubled in the last two years This is a great stone for investment or for wearing. It would make an ideal ring or pendant stone. We would recommend a ring for this one, but that is just us. Either way it's a great buy. Happy New Year to all.

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