Oregon Opal 5.48 Carat Yellow Gem

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Item: Oregon Opal
Size: 16 X 13 mm
Weight: 5.48 Carats
Shape: Oval
Color: Yellow
Clarity: Very Clean
Quality: Very Good
Cut: Oval with Excellent Polish
Source: Opal Butte Oregon USA
Treatment: Absolutely None. 100% Natural


This is a nice Yellow Oregon Opal mine at Opal Butte, Oregon in the early 1990's before the mine was closed, and has never re-opened. It is Yellow with a slight and very faint hue of Hyalite Blue. It is amazingly clear. You can easily read a newspaper through it, and that is excellent for Opal. Opal is found in a number of places in Oregon, but few will dispute that in it's day that Opal Butte produced the best. Our price is really good on this Opal of nearly 5 1/2 Carats.

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