Chinese Fighting Blood Agate4

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Item: Chinese Fighting Blood Agate
Size: "2 1/2 X 2 X 1 1/4 Inches
Weight: 7.1 Ounces
Color: Shades of Reddish Orange, and Gold
Polish: Mirror Image
Quality: Excellent
Source: China Middle Mine
Treatment: Absolutely None. 100% Natural


The Chinese Middle Mine Agates are some of the most beautiful and highly sought after Agates in the world. My guess is that politics in the past played a role in getting access to these superb Agates. That has changed and now these Agates occupy a lofty perch in collections around the world. This one is simply stunning. It has the WOW factor that makes it stand out in a collection. It's condition is AAA, and it will fit into any Agate collection, and add a bit of class in doing so. If you have questions please contact us, and we invite you to take a tour of our other Agates, Oregon Opals, and Sunstones. All of our products are 100% Natural. Thank you for looking.

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