Baker Ranch Thunder Egg1

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Item: Baker Ranch Thunder Egg Pair
Size: "2 3/4 X 2 X 3/4 X1"
Weight: 11.3 Ounces T.W.
Color: Black, Pink, Rust.
Polish: Mirror Image
Quality: Superb
Source: Baker Ranch Mine- N.M. USA
Treatment: Absolutely none 100% Natural


Some people like individual Agates Nodules, and others highly prefer pairs. Actually pairs can be a bit hard to find, because even though it shouldn't be this way often sellers can get more for their agates sold individually. Personally we believe that a good matched pair is worth more, so we found it a shame not to list this outstanding pair. If they don't sell we can separate them and sell them individually. In the meantime this is in our view a killer pair of Baker Ranch Agates. The color, pattern, and polish is crazy nice, and they would for sure add class to virtually any collection, and we are happy to offer them for sale. is our contact E-Mail if a buyer has questions. Thank you for visiting our Website.

**Every item on our Website is 100% natural with no enhancement of any kind. A PayPal button for easy and smooth transations is located below every item. If any item is just above your price range please MAKE AN OFFER. We will seriously consiider all reasonable offers. Thank you, and if you have any questions contact us.