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Sunstone Deception

Sunstone Deception

About 6 years ago an agreement was reached that any Sunstone NOT from Oregon that had copper platelets in it would be considered Diffused. Diffusion is a technique to burn copper into an otherwise clear Sunstone usually from Mexico. This diffused product was marketed as Andesine. Since that time there are some new developments that have occurred. Diffusion has not gone away along with many other clever treatments that portray a multitude of gems to be more vivid in their color than they are found in nature including the Oregon Sunstone. Are people taking lighter colored Oregon Natural Sunstones and diffusing addtional copper into the stones to produce deeper colors? We believe that is ABSOLUTELY true. This has created a nightmare, because a Certified Labratory now has a really difficult time distinguishing natural copper platelets from diffused ones. Not good.

So what is to be done? How can a buyer have confidence in an Oregon Sunstone purchase? We have some advice that should help. First, "If it looks to good to be true, then it probably is." Sunstones do not naturally occur in a Ceylon Sapphire Blue color. Neither are they a vivid Emerald Green, and they definitely are not top colored Ruby Red in color. Secondly, " An honest seller should know precisely what they are selling. If I see phrases reading, "It might be an Oregon Sunstone ", "It could be an Oregon Sunstone", or "We are not sure, but it's a pretty gem anyway". If a buyer reads that, then a huge RED FLAG should go up. Last of all be sure to communicate with an Oregon Sunstone seller. Ask for a phone number. Call the seller. Inquire about a full 100% money back Guarantee. Also ask about a history of ownership. Did the seller mine the stone? If not, how was the stone obtained. Does the seller know what Mine in Oregon the stone came from? If not, then why not? Buyers need not be afraid to ask specific questions. If a seller won't communicate with a buyer then consider the source and move on.

Last of all. Every single Sunstone on our Website are Natural copper bearing gems from the State of Oregon. We either mined them ourselves in Oregon, or we bought them directly from a Oregon Mine owner that we have known for years and 100% trust, so again, please view our Sunstones. They have received no treatment of any kind, but for sure feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We are here to bring honesty and integrity as well as awareness and education about one of the most beautiful natural gems on earth. We will also provide a legally binding Certification that our Oregon Sunstones are 100% Natural. We are a USA dealer. I grew up in Wyoming and Montana, and went to College in Oregon. I currently live in Oklahoma, and if a buyer wishes to visit with us, just E-Mail me and provide your phone number, or I will be happy to give you mine. We love the opportunity to bring clarity and confidence to the Oregon Sunstone market.

Jim Stewart

Feedback Responses

"Mr. Stewart: Thank you for your informative review of the Labradorite problems. Currently there are pending lawsuits regarding these issues, and I find your insights very helpful by bringing additional focus to the deception being dumped on the buying public. Keep up the good work." 1/26/09 - C.B. Portland, Oregon.