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Internet Tax Issues

Internet Tax Issues

Internet Sales Tax Issues:

WARNING: It is late April of 2018, and Congress is still poised to pass an Internet Sales Tax. If passed, what will this mean? Unless there is an exemption for small Mom and Pop operations like ourselves it is Doomsday. Our Website will be shut down immediately, because we don't have, nor can we afford an Army of Accountants, and Tax experts with sophisticated software to pay the levied Taxes in States outside of Oklahoma. Now if I sell into my own State of Oklahoma I pay a sales tax, and of course I pay income taxes in Oklahoma. That is fair, but if we are suddenly become responsible to pay taxes on every sale made in 49 other States we are done, and Oklahoma will be hurt too, because all of our sales are subject to our States Income Tax rates, so Oklahoma would lose that, and also lose any Sales we make in Oklahoma.

Let me describe it in another way. Lets say a single Mom was hand making widgets and sold a few in 20 different States. If this Internet Tax goes through Mrs. Mom would be forced to file and pay Taxes in those 20 States, and we must remember that Mrs. Single Mom is not getting rich. Far from it. She is only trying to earn a little extra possibly for rent, food, or clothes for her children. To shut her down with overwhelming Tax filing requirements is immoral and stupid. Why would I say that? It's simple. Mom wouldn't be able to spend her extra income in her own community, because her little extra income would be gone, so not only is she at risk. but her local spending in her own community would be gone too, which would impact local retailers.

To be fair is there a way out, because this Internet Tax is going to pass. It is going to happen! The only hope we see is an exemption for small Mom and Pop operations. We don't know what that magic number should be, but it has to happen, or our Website will be gone with 24 hours along with thousands upon thousands of other in home operations just like us, so we are saying to America don't kill us off. We are a retired couple. An exemption of virtually any size would either help or in fact save us from doomsday. Our customers who have bought Oregon Sunstones for years from us will be happy too, but please BEWARE. Time is running out, and our little business easily could have it's days numbered, and we stress "Days or months" not Years."

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Jim Stewart