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Internet Neutrality 2017

Internet Neutrality 2017

Internet Neutrality

BIG NEWS: "The FCC did the right thing.

At last VICTORY. The FCC ruled in 2015 on a 3-2 vote in favor of Net Neutrality. This is a huge moment for our society because access to the Internet remains a level playing field where large corporations cannot be given the high road, and the rest of the people struggle along the low road with a slow, cumbersome, and high priced intenet access. This decision has remained the law thru 2016, and we are now ready for the challenges of 2017, and believe us when we say that the challenges are immense. Big Internet providers want to make Billions on the sale of Internet space to super large Corporations leaving the rest of us to fight for the scraps, so this struggle is both serious and ongoing, and with a new Government Adminisration about to be sworn in we now have virtually no clue who is going to prevail in this struggle.

What does this actually mean for our Website? It is simple. We now are able to stay in business and continue to provide fine Natural gem, and Minerals to our customer base. Had the vote gone the other way there is little doubt that we would have been gone, because we are not a large corporation or a big business. We are a very small business that provides outstanding product, but we wouldn't have the revenue to compete against major corporations for Internet space to do our business.

We want to thank every single person that helped in this struggle, and despite this decision we urge people to remain vigilent, because Big Business will not give up. Huge Internet providers will not give up, so we celebrate for these 2 years, but the struggle is far from over over. Internet providers have hundreds of highly paid lobbyists in Washington D.C, and intense pressure is being put on the FCC to reverse their vote. We would ask any reader of this article to contact your Congressional Representatives and insist that Net Neutrality meaning affordable Internet access for all be maintained. Our very survival depends on it.

Jim Stewart