Texas Plume Agate

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Item: Texas Plume Agate
Size: " 2 X 2 X 1 1/4" Inches
Weight: 4.4 Ounces
Color: Super Red, Blue, and Green
Cut: Half Nodule
Polish: Mirror Image
Quality: AAA
Source: Texas
Treatment: Absolutely None. 100% Natural.


We believe this is a Woodward Ranch Texas Plume Agate, but we can't know for sure. There a a number of Ranches in Texas that produce these Plume Agates so it is virtually impossible to know for sure. It is however definitely a Texas Red Plume. It came from a collection and if we can learn more we will, but at this point my eye says it is Woodward Ranch. In anyi case it is a stunning Plume Agate and our price is simply great for an Agate of this quality and beauty. It is really nice, and should be highly prized as a collector Agate. If you have questions please contact us and thank you for visiting our Website.

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