Oregon Sunstone 4.82 Carat Gem

Oregon Sunstone 4.82 Carat Gem
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Oregon Sunstone 4.82 Carat Gem
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Item: Oregon Sunstone
Size: 16 X 7 mm
Weight: 4.82 Carats
Color: Brilliant Orange
Clarity: Superbly Eye Clean
Quality: AAA
Cut: Octagon
Source: Eastern Oregon USA
Treatment: Absolutely None 100% Natural


This is really a nice Oregon Sunstone. It is quite long and would be very suitable for a fine pedant. The color is brilliant and very reflective which hopefully is obvious from the two pictures. People often call this an Emerald Cut. The only difference is the corners are square off on the Octagon making the stone less vulnerable on the sharp pointed corners of an Emerald Cut. We like this stone a lot. It is gorgeous and weighs just under 5 Carats, which gets into the large size of the Oregon Sunstone. We highly recommend this gem.

**Every Sunstone on our Website is a Natural Copper Bearing gem from Eastern Oregon. All of our Opals are also from Oregon, and every item on our Website whether it is a gem or a recently added Agate they are all 100% Natural. We have no heat treated or otherwise enhanced products, and if necessary we are willing to provide a "Legally Binding" certificate of authenticity. A Pay-Pal button for easy payment is below every item, but we will accept US Postal Money orders and Checks. If you have questions on this please E-Mail us at sales@OregonSunstoneGem.com