Oregon Opal 14.72 Carats

Oregon Opal 14.72 Carats
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Oregon Opal 14.72 Carats
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Item: Oregon Opal
Size: 20 x 16 mm
Weight: 14.72 Carats
Color: Yellow (Slight Hyalite Blue ) Hue
Clarity: Super Clean
Quality: AAA
Cut: Oval
Source: Opal Butte Central Oregon USA
Treatment: Absolutely None 100% Natural


This is a large Opal Butte Oregon Gem. Oregon Opal from this Source doesn't exist anymore. The mine has been closed for nearly 20 years, and it produced some of the best Opals ever found in the USA. This stone has a wisp of the famous Hyalite Blue on one end , but it's faint so we can call it a bi-color. It simply has the presence of two outstanding colors and it is superbly clean. No chips, fracture or inclusions. It is just a great American Treasure that is very stable and well suited for an outstanding pendant. Our price is really goo.

**Every Sunstone on our Website is a Natural Copper Bearing gem from Eastern Oregon. All of our Opals are also from Oregon. Our Agates are from the USA, and around the World. We have not heat treated. diffused, or in way enhanced any of our items, and if necessary we are willing to provide a "Legally Binding" certificate of authenticity. A Pay-Pal button for an easy and smooth transations is located below every item. If you have questions please E-Mail us at sales@OregonSunstoneGem.com