Oregon 5.35 Carat Opal

Oregon 5.35 Carat Opal
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Oregon 5.35 Carat Opal
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Item: Oregon Opal
Size: 12 X 12 X 7 mm
Weight: 5.35 Carats'
Color: Intense Orange - Red
Cut: Square Octagon
Quality: AAA
Source: Central Oregon USA
Treatment: NONE. 100% Natural


This Oregon Opal is virtually identical to the 4.22 Carat Gem right beside it in our Gallery, except that it is slightly over 1 carat bigger. It could still be set in a ring nicely, because it is a calibrated standard size, but it might want to become a pendant. It like the slightly smaller version is bright, clear and also has this slight color shift towards red when out of bright direct light. The stone is from Central Oregon. It has excellent clarity and it is a 100% Natural gem that is untreated in any way and comes from the USA. If you like Opals this would be an excellent choice.

**Every Sunstone on our Website is a Natural Copper Bearing gem from Eastern Oregon. All of our Opals are also from Oregon. Our Agates are from the USA, and around the World. We have not heat treated. diffused, or in way enhanced any of our items, and if necessary we are willing to provide a "Legally Binding" certificate of authenticity. A Pay-Pal button for an easy and smooth transations is located below every item. If you have questions please E-Mail us at sales@OregonSunstoneGem.com