Oregon 3.27 Carat Opal

Oregon 3.27 Carat Opal
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Oregon 3.27 Carat Opal
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Item: Oregon Fire Opal
Size: 11 mm
Weight: 3.27 Carats
Shape: Fancy Round Brilliant
Color: Fire Red/ Orange
Polish: Perfection
Source: Opal Butte, Oregon USA
Treatment: None. 100% Natural


Opal Butte was Oregon biggest producer of fine Opal. It often produced the rare Hyalite Blue color, but with one single pocket was discovered some of the most vivid red, orange, and yellow Opals rivaling and in our view exceeding the Mexican Fire Agate that too many times turned out to be faceted red glass rather than Opal, but even when they were real in our view they don't equal this rare pocket that is in the hands of a very few fortunate collectors, and rarely are put up for sale. We are a bit of an exception. We don't have big numbers of them, but what we do have is world class. We guarantee any buyers satisfaction. This Opal is stone cold stunning. Thank you for visiting our site, and please take a tour to see our other Opals, Oregon Sunstones, and some gorgeous banded Agates.

**Every Sunstone on our Website is a Natural Copper Bearing gem from Eastern Oregon. All of our Opals are also from Oregon. Our Agates are from the USA, and around the World. We have not heat treated. diffused, or in way enhanced any of our items, and if necessary we are willing to provide a "Legally Binding" certificate of authenticity. A Pay-Pal button for an easy and smooth transations is located below every item. If you have questions please E-Mail us at sales@OregonSunstoneGem.com